Here are five ways to help protect Pinyon-Juniper Forests.

1. Join us

“The best way to make a difference as a lone individual is to join a group.”

Every supporter of this campaign should sign up for our email list. We send infrequent emails with ways to support, events, and news about Pinyon-Juniper Forest protection.

Also, we recommend you become a member of the Alliance. It’s free and easy—and the more members we have, the better. Want to get more involved? If you can help us organize by passing out flyers, gathering signatures, or organizing an event, contact us!

2. Be a vocal forest defender

Our campaign is organized around creative, insistent, strategic resistance to forest destruction. We’ll highlight and share any work to protect Pinyon-Juniper forests that falls under this umbrella, from sign-waving and banner drops to public speak-outs, petitions, and land occupation. Get in touch if you want to collaborate.

3. Contact the Agencies

Call or send a letter (sample letter here) to your local BLM office in:

We also recommend you contact the Forest Service regional offices for:

4. Contact your representatives

Enter your zip code at to find contact info for your federal Congressional Representative. Visit to find your federal Senator. At the state level, use to find your senator and representative.

You can use this sample letter as a starting point for your letter!

5. Donate

Our work is volunteer-based, and involves travel and other expenses for signs, printing, protest materials, equipment, and so on. Can you donate to help us do this work? Thank you!

Click here to donate!