More than 7 million acres of Pinyon Juniper forests in the United States are slated for destruction via chemical sprays, “chaining”, and clearcutting.

These destructive projects are funded by public money, take place mostly on public land, and are justified by a series of lies and distortions claiming that destroying the forest improves the health of the land.

The Pinyon-Juniper Alliance is comprised of indigenous people and tribes, environmental groups, policy experts, scientists, and community members. We work to protect pinyon pine and juniper forests in the Western States and to change destructive BLM and Forest Service policy. Our methods include lobbying, public education, political pressure, and non-violent direct action.

“For half a century, Great Basin resource managers, blinded by a discredited ideology, have claimed that Pinyon pines and Junipers are evil invaders that must be replaced by grass and shrubs—the stuff cows eat.

Our elite environmental organizations have declined to get involved over mere millions-of-acres of deforestation, but finally the Pinyon-Juniper Alliance is challenging the unprofessionalism of BLM and the Forest Service. Cheers to the Alliance!”

Ronald M. Lanner, PhD in Forestry and Botany, author of 6 books, and globally recognized expert on the Pinyon Pine

In light of these facts, we, the undersigned, call on the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, and other private and public land managers to immediately cease and desist Pinyon Pine and Juniper forest destruction projects (often labeled “treatments” or “restoration projects”). We call on the public and government to join our efforts to defund and otherwise halt these projects and protect these important forests.

End the Destruction of Pinyon Pine and Juniper Forests


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Science and Policy Experts:

  • Dr. Ronald Lanner, PhD – author and expert on Pinyon-Pine biology

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